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The Quarry Lake Foods brand was created to umbrella the produce and food products grown, produced and sold from Quarry Lake Estate. This outlet was designed to sell and distribute our Wellness products and to service a desperately inadequate market for Vegan Food Products in South Africa and on the Garden Route especially. Quarry Lake Foods also provide a vital nutritional service to the recuperation and health of many on the Garden Route. Quarry Lake Foods has gone through considerable lengths to further the philosophy of reducing environmental harm. For this reason, Quarry Lake Estate farms organically and packages all it’s products in Biodegradable bags or in reusable glass bottles.


In the pursuit of health” Quarry Lake Estate farms organically, using Non-GMO seeds and plants, and growing fruit and vegetables naturally, without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or poisons. The Estate boasts a 8 year old Syntropic Forest, created in the style inspired by internationally acclaimed Permaculture and Agro-forestry expert, Ernst Gotsch. This garden is unique in design and output, and is the first of its kind in South Africa, making it a pioneering project and example for water-wise regenerative farming.


Completed in 2013 and comprising of 400sq metres of high care, fully tiled kitchens, the Quarry Lake Foods Factory is equipped to process all the produce grown on the farm and uses surpluses from the garden by creating quality bottled, preserved, fermented and dehydrated food products, sold locally and online.


Launched in July 2015, the Quarry Lake Foods Online Shop supplies customers countrywide with their whole range of products, including Bocca Dolce’s “Superior di Casa” Coffee and all the baked confectionery goods.

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