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Apple Curry Chutney (375ml)
Apple Curry Chutney is a delicious spicy condiment made with the finest ingredients and contains no ..
Ex Tax: R55.00
Applecider Vinegar - Raw (250ml)
Raw Applecider Vinegar is one of the top natural health remedies and should be used everyday.  ..
Ex Tax: R25.50
Apricot Jam (250gr)
Apricot Jam is made with Organic Apricots and the finest ingredients. INGREDIENTS: Apricots, S..
Ex Tax: R42.00
Artichokes (250gr)
Organically grown, these Artichokes are delicious and can accompany most meals.  The Artic..
Ex Tax: R95.00
Pear Butter (250ml)
Pear Butter is a smooth delicious spread made with Pears. Ingredients:  Pears, Lemon Juice, ..
Ex Tax: R45.00
Piccalilli (350ml)
Piccalilli is a condiment made with Organic chopped pickled vegetables and spices.  This recipe..
Ex Tax: R52.50
Pickled Egg Plant & Chilli (250gr)
Organic Eggplant (Brinjals,Aubergines) thinly sliced and marinated in a mixture of vinegar, spices a..
Ex Tax: R49.50
Pickled Eggplant  (250gr)
Freshly Harvested from our Organic Gardens, the Eggplants are thinly sliced and bottled to cure. Del..
Ex Tax: R46.50
Plum Chutney (375ml)
Plum Chutney - a delicious condoment made with plums and natural ingredients.   Ingredien..
Ex Tax: R55.00
Roasted Chillies (125ml)
A mix of Organic Chillies, roasted, chopped and preserved in Olive Oil. INGREDIENTS:    ..
Ex Tax: R25.00
Rosemary - Dehydrated (30gr)
The Rosemary is grown in our Organic Gardens, picked and dehydrated. This aromatic herb is popular f..
Ex Tax: R25.00
Sage - Dehydrated (30gr)
Sage - This wonderful herb is grown Organically on Quarry Lake and is suitable for cooking and medic..
Ex Tax: R28.00
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