Kanayo O. Kanayo Criticizes Teenage Actress and Her Mother Over Contract Breach and Production Delays

Kanayo O. Kanayo Criticizes Teenage Actress and Her Mother Over Contract Breach and Production Delays

Veteran Nigerian actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has found himself in the midst of a controversy involving teenage actress Angel Unigwe and her mother. The actor, who has had a storied career in the Nigerian film industry—often referred to as Nollywood—took to social media to express his frustration and disappointment with the young actress and her mother for allegedly breaching a contract and causing significant disruptions to a film production.

The Incident

The event occurred during a film shoot where Angel Unigwe was cast in a pivotal role. According to Kanayo, the production schedule had been meticulously planned, with filming expected to wrap up at 12 a.m. However, things took a dramatic turn when Angel and her mother decided to leave the set at 9 p.m. This abrupt departure was not just a minor inconvenience but a significant disruption that threw the entire production into disarray.

From Kanayo's perspective, the early exit was a clear breach of contract. The veteran actor did not mince words in his criticism, emphasizing that an agreement had been made, and it was vital for all parties to adhere to the terms to ensure smooth production. The departure at 9 p.m. not only delayed the scheduled activities but also had broader implications for the entire crew, whose time and efforts were affected.

Public Outcry and Reactions

Kanayo's social media statements quickly caught the attention of netizens, sparking a flurry of reactions and discussions. Some social media users sided with the veteran actor, agreeing that professionalism and adherence to contracts are paramount in any industry, especially in a collaborative environment like film production. They echoed Kanayo's sentiments, affirming that disrupting a well-coordinated schedule can have cascading effects on everyone involved.

However, there was also a wave of support for Angel Unigwe and her mother. Those defending them argued that working conditions for minors should be more flexible, considering their age and potential needs for rest and family time. These supporters pointed out that the rigid late-night schedule might have been too demanding for a teenage actress and that her mother's primary responsibility is to prioritize her child's well-being.

Kanayo's Response

Unfazed by the mixed reactions, Kanayo O. Kanayo stood by his criticism. He went a step further by vowing to take more decisive actions to ensure that such incidents do not recur. The actor stated that he would ensure that Angel Unigwe is blacklisted from future projects, emphasizing the importance of discipline and commitment in the industry. According to Kanayo, he would actively discourage other producers from hiring her, citing the incident as a cautionary tale for the industry.

Kanayo's commitment to holding firm on this stance underscores a broader issue of professionalism and reliability in the entertainment sector. By drawing a line, the actor seems intent on setting a precedent that breaches of contract and unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated, regardless of the individual's age or circumstances.

The Broader Implications

This controversy has thrust the challenges of working with minors in the entertainment industry into the spotlight. The debate highlights the need for balanced regulations that protect the interests of young actors while also respecting the commitments and expectations of film productions. The industry must navigate the complexities of ensuring fair working conditions for minors without compromising professional standards.

As the discussion unfolds, it is evident that this incident will likely have long-lasting impacts on policies and practices within Nollywood. Stakeholders may need to revisit contracts and working conditions for young actors, ensuring that agreements are fair and acknowledge the unique needs of minors. In doing so, the industry can strive for an equilibrium where professionalism and the welfare of young talents are both prioritized.


Whether Kanayo O. Kanayo's stringent measures are justified or seen as excessive may depend on one's perspective. However, the incident is a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between maintaining professional standards and accommodating the needs of young performers. As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, it will be crucial for all parties involved—actors, producers, and guardians—to engage in open dialogue and collaboration to foster a working environment that is both productive and humane.


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